27 Hours

27 Hours by Tristina Wright is an excellent book. The story is mainly about 4 teenagers; Rumor, Nyx, Dahlia, and Braeden, years after humans colonized the planet they live on. The conflict in the book revolves around the gargoyles, who are the native inhabitants of the planet. In order to survive, people from different beliefs must join together in order to prevent the extinction of human life on their planet, and discover the mystery involving the war against the gargoyles. 27 Hours is an epic science fiction book that deserves a good look at. It also doesn’t shy away from the issues of transsexuality, and also includes a romance between the main characters. The one complaint I have is that the mystery was not solved, and ended with a huge cliffhanger for the next book, but that is the point of a cliffhanger, I suppose. To summarize, 27 Hours is an epic book in which teens have 27 hours to try to prevent an extinction-level war between humans and an intelligent alien species.

Review by: Nickita Z.

Tristina Wright’s 27 Hours takes place within the human colonies of a faraway moon called Sahara, where the indigenous species is a dangerous race of aliens. These aliens are dubbed “gargoyles”, and the protagonist, Rumor, has had a special hatred of them ever since he lost his mother in an attack. When another attack occurs, this time on his entire colony, this hatred is multiplied exponentially, and Rumor wants nothing less than the destruction of every gargoyle in existence. Rumor escapes the attack and runs to a neighboring colony, where he meets a cast of people who will eventually accompany him through a series of events that have more far-reaching consequences than anyone could have ever imagined.
            The story constantly switches between the perspectives of several characters, which provides an interesting contrast between ideals and personalities as each character views the same events with a different point of view. The characters are interesting, as are their interactions, and the story holds the reader’s interest. The action starts up quickly (the fifth page of the book, in fact), which also helps to pique and maintain the reader’s interest. It’s an interesting story with a diverse set of characters, and the continuing revelations about the indigenous species and the moon on which these colonists live are captivating. Overall, it’s a decent book with a good story, and the overarching idea of colonization on a faraway, unknown moon is thought-provoking.
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Review by Katie M.

27 Hours, by Tristina Wright, is about Rumor, Jude, Nyx, and Braeden trying to stop armageddon. Humans have left Earth and colonized distant planets and moons. Unfortunately for the protagonists, they are not alone. There are monstrous creatures that have been attacking human settlements for years. There are only two things that Rumor fears, a monster he can not kill and failure. Jude, on the other hand, dreams for two things, peace between humans and monsters and for his odd ability to disappear. Nyx has to deal with two secrets, the moon talks to her, and she is in love with her best friend. Finally, Braeden only wants two things, to get out of his mom’s shadow, and to forget his colony’s deepest, darkest, secret. In spite of different backgrounds they must work together outside of law to stop a disaster. But they are running out of time. They must succeed in the twenty-seven hour night to prevent a war that will only end when every monster is slayed or, when every human on the moon lays dead.
There is a fantastic blend of fantasy and science fiction in this book. Fantasy in the form of monsters, and science fiction in the way humans have left Earth and created new technology. They stay their own unique character no matter if everything is calm and light hearted or in the heat of battle. Due to the diverse cast of characters it is interesting to see how each of them deal with defeat and set back. But the best part is see how they persevere until they win.
Rating: 5/5
Reviewed by Amol B.

Rate 4/5
The cover of Tristina Wright’s 27 Hours gripped me from the get-go, and I was not disappointed with the story that wore the cover. Within its chapters told in the sequence of hours of a fantasy- science fiction world fraught with dangers, both in the form of physical monsters and psychological ones. The book does a splendid job of balancing the individual stories of the four main protagonists, which pitches the concepts of life and death, love and betrayal, loyalty and disobedience, in stark contrast. As the heroes find themselves in precariousness between man and beast, they will, alongside you, find out more about themselves than they ever knew.

Review by Steven M.

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