27 Hours

27 Hours by Tristina Wright is an excellent book. The story is mainly about 4 teenagers; Rumor, Nyx, Dahlia, and Braeden, years after humans colonized the planet they live on. The conflict in the book revolves around the gargoyles, who are the native inhabitants of the planet. In order to survive, people from different beliefs must join together in order to prevent the extinction of human life on their planet, and discover the mystery involving the war against the gargoyles. 27 Hours is an epic science fiction book that deserves a good look at. It also doesn’t shy away from the issues of transsexuality, and also includes a romance between the main characters. The one complaint I have is that the mystery was not solved, and ended with a huge cliffhanger for the next book, but that is the point of a cliffhanger, I suppose. To summarize, 27 Hours is an epic book in which teens have 27 hours to try to prevent an extinction-level war between humans and an intelligent alien species.

Review by: Nickita Z.

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