The Eye of the North

The Eye of the North by Sinead O’Hart is a good book. The main characters of the story are Emmeline Widget and a boy called Thing. The story revolves around the Creature, whose identity is not given until later in the story. Whoever controls the creature can control the world, and whoever drinks its blood is granted immortality. Emmeline’s parents are kidnapped, and so she, along with Thing, go and try to rescue them from their captor, the evil genius Siegfried Bauer. Their journey takes them to the frozen lands of Greenland, where they also attempt to prevent the resurrection of the Creature. The Eye of the North is a great fantasy book that involves mythology, magic, kidnapping, and death, but doesn’t come off with a dark tone. To summarize, Emmeline and Thing go on a quest to prevent the Creature from being brought back, and also to go rescue her parents.

 Review by: Nickita Z.

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