Zenn Diagram

The novels depicts an intimate relationship between two teenagers, Eva Walker and Zenn Bennett, which grew out of a tutoring session.  The former was extremely talented at math.  She is also gifted in a strange way, as she gets sensuous visions about others by merely touching them or their personal belongings.  In math, this is helpful, as she can pinpoint students’ difficulties by touching their calculators.  However, in real life, it is tormenting.  Since people’s lives are usually chaotic, the visions she gets from them are chaotic as well.  Thus, she tries to avoid touching everyone - except Zenn.  
Zenn seemed to just be a hardworking teenager trying to make a living, but he turned out to have much more in common with Eva.  As they started to date each other, they found out how both they and their parents’ lives were closely intertwined even before they met.  Nevertheless, their relationship continued to grow and they began to act selflessly.  Though they were met with disapproval from their parents, they still emerged in the end as very close friends.
This book was great, but it would have been borderline average if not for the amazing accuracy to which it depicted teenage life.  It not only got the common texting jargon commonplace in social media, but also described the struggles of teenagers and how they deal with them.  The shyness of Eva and her insecurity with Zenn reflects teenagers.  The author also clearly emphasizes that though her boyfriend wasn’t what she thought he was, she still defied her parents and pursued him.  This embodiment of the teenage spirit is what caught my eye.
To put it simply, I have never read a book that has so accurately addressed the lives of teenagers as Zenn Diagram has.  For this reason, it is a great read.

Review by Adam T.

This book is about Eva Walker that found out that she has a gift that she can touch items like a calculator and find out someone’s weakness in math when she tutors. Meeting someone special like Zenn Bennett changed her life. When Eva found out the unsuspected relationship she has with Zenn and her family a twist happens in the book which makes it interesting.

    The beginning of this book was boring when the story was dragged for the first 20 chapters. From the middle the conflicts happened and a lot of twists happened with Zenn and Eva. They both help each other out like best friends. The characters in this book are very interesting because they come from different backgrounds and they are still connected. No matter what happens in Zenn and Eva’s relationship they still find a way to keep it going. This book made me think this story really happened. I would recommend this book to teens ages 13 and up. I give this book a rating of 5/5.

Review by Meghana S.
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