Poison's Kiss

The myths are very consciously changed so though they aren’t accurate, they feel real to the reader.

The main character, Marinda, is a visha kanya, meaning poison maiden and her kiss is lethal. She is used as an assassin for the kingdom and though she does not like what she does, she kills anyway because she needs the money she receives to care for her family. She starts to question if her job is worth it when she is told to kill someone she cares about and the rest of the story is her internal struggle and physical battle against the kingdom and supernatural forces.

The relationships Marinda has are portrayed well and their complexities due to her personality feel natural especially with her brother. The only one that did not quite make sense to me was her romance with a boy she meets. It seems as though they have only spoken once and yet in the following pages they are unduly loyal to each other. Other than this, the book was intriguing and very well done.

I give it a 4/5.
Review by Neha A.

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