In the novel, protagonist Jimi is thrust into the hidden world of chimeras when her close friend Del goes missing after an encounter with chimeras. Chimeras are humans who had their DNA combined and spliced with that of an animal's. For this very reason, chimeras were persecuted by a group called Humans for Humanity (H4H) that aimed to pass a law declaring all chimeras nonpersons, and thus depriving chimeras of all rights. In the beginning, feelings of distrust are seen, but nearing the end, chimeras are gathered and shot at, murdered, and tortured by H4H and its supporters. Although chimeras behave, think, speak, and act identically to humans, they are not regarded as people. H4H paints chimeras as the cause to all problems in the world and are blinded by their hatred. Similarly, people in the world today still hate other groups without clear reason and blame all problems on those groups (whether those groups be based on ethnicity or sexuality). All in all, Spliced is a fresh take on the dystopian genre but will also embed an important lesson in anyone's heart.
Rating: 5 stars

Review by: Suhasna L.
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