This Is Really Happening

From battling cancer, to a messy preschool memory, to an eventful road trip, Chack uses her unique style of writing to tell true stories with deeper meanings. Her hilarious style is captivating, and is able to both fully engross the reader in this book, and convey various lessons that Chack has learned throughout life.
I found This is Really Happening to be a very enjoyable book. Despite some topics being a bit dark, such as when Chack gives her views on death, the sheer variety of topics and unique perspective on them makes it a book that readers will be immersed in from start to finish.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Review by Jasmin L.

The book This Is Really Happening by Erin Chack is overall a good read.`It is not your typical cliche book about cancer which makes it more realistic. Instead, Chack talks about relatable teen and early adult experiences that many of us may face, while incorporating her story with cancer as it is also something very important. She teaches her readers a lot about life, love, college ,tough times, and how to see the positive and deal with these times. She has a rather satirical tone through most of the book which makes you want to keep reading and also feel like you are being told a real relatable story. I found myself relating to her many times throughout the course of the book which made it really funny and interesting for me. If you like learning some life lessons while laughing, this is the book for you. She talks about some depressing events, but her tone helps optimism shine through. She shows the difficulties of cancer but she also shows her great support system and incorporates some quirky experiences along the way. She then moves on to talking about just other life experiences that are very funny and at times inspiring. She also shares a lot of thoughts on her long term relationship which are definitely good helpers for anyone in a relationship. Chack covers all the bases in this book, from cancer to menstrual cups she has a story for her readers.This book deserves a rating of 4/5.

Review by Lucija R.

Erin Chack's "This is Really Happening" is a page turning, heart wretching comedy. This book introduces a different way that we could view death as simply part of everyday life. The author's ideas were incredibly unexpected in a book about young girl with cancer. Personally I quite enjoyed her unique standpoint on stopping trying to fight life and rather accepting it and moving on to get the most out of it. Her story proves that no matter the hand you're dealt, with the right attitude you can win.  Also, much to my surpise this book did not focus on her cancer. Instead of fixating on her illness she held the view of "why not me?" instead of the typical "why me?" . She doesn't present herself as a victim to her illness, it's just a part of her life. Her hilarious side stories about her life would inspire anyone to push their boundaries. My favorite section of the book was the short section about her short lived rebellious child phase. One gets the pleasure of watching her grow from a feisty child to a woman with bonfire-worth stories. I absolutely would reccomend this book to friends and anyone who feels down on their luck.
Review by Oilivia P.
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