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EBPL's First Look program is a community service project by East Brunswick teens. Teens get an exclusive look at young adult books before they are released for publication.

The Teen Department has exclusive pre-release copies of teen books and we want to give you the chance to read them before everyone else!  Earn community service hours (and bragging rights) by reading and reviewing these exciting, soon to be published titles, also known as ARCs (advance reader copies).

Here's how it works:


1. Come to the Teen Space and check out the ARC cabinet.  Pick out one book to borrow at a time.

2. Sign out the book by writing your name, the date, the title of the book you are borrowing, and the number of pages, on the sign out form in the cabinet.  You do not need to check out these books at the circulation desk. * You must ALSO create a volunteer account on our volunteer records site: www.ebpl.org/src in order to log your hours. *

3. Take home your ARC for up to 3 weeks.

4. Write a review to redeem your service hours! Every 100 pages you read = 1 hour of community service.  (ie. a 348 page book = 3 hours of community service)  Keep your reviews under 250 words, give it a rating out of 5 stars, and email your review to jschneider@ebpl.org. Be aware that your reviews will be posted online, watch this space for more information on where they will appear!  Your email should include your full name as well as your review.

5. Return the ARC, leave it in the cabinet and check your name off the list. Feel free to borrow another!

6. Your hours will be logged at www.ebpl.org/src by the EBPL staff.  Hours will only be recorded after a review has been submitted.  Email Jessica at jschneider@ebpl.org to arrange for your community service forms to be signed before the end of the school year.

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