20th Century America

Conflict in Europe and the Great Depression

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By the second decade of the twentieth century, the economic power of the United States was becoming a global force. Has such a powerful country been located in Europe, its industrial might would have greatly influenced the foreign policy of every other country nearby. But the United States was not nearby. A great ocean separated American from Europe's political conflicts.

The Depression and the New Deal: A history in documents

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A collection of primary sources documenting American life during the longest and deepest economic collapse in American history. From the prosperity and rampant consumerism of the 1920s, the book moves forward to cover the double shock of the stock market crash and dust bowl and then on to the recovery efforts of Roosevelt's New Deal.

The Roaring Twenties

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"The Roaring Twenties" provides hundreds of firsthand accounts of the period-diary entries, letters, speeches, and newspaper accounts-that illustrate how historical events appeared to those who lived through them. In addition to firsthand accounts, each chapter provides an introductory essay and a chronology of events.

Witness to America: An illustrated documentary

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Provides debates and speeches, diary entries, letters, memoirs, court records, and more--including many first-person accounts that make history come alive as never before, such as a powerful description of the atomic explosion from a correspondent on the Enola Gay, and a young student's evaluation of the changing roles of women at her high school. The selections explore the diverse facets of America's cultural and political heritage and the constant shift and flux of everyday life, indelibly demonstrating both the variety and vitality of the American character. Illustrated with spectacular photographs, drawings, and paintings and featuring a 74-minute audio CD with actual clips and dramatizations of many of the entries, Witness to America is a fascinating, highly readable, and entertaining collection that shows us what America is--and where it may go as it enters the next century.