Animals, habitats, ecosystems, Earth, etc.

Bug Bios: Shameless promotion of insect appreciation

See insects up-close and learn about how their history is intertwined with other life on the planet.

Coral Realm

How coral reefs are made, where they are located, how they classified, and more

Kids’ Planet: Defenders of Wildlife

Vulnerable, Threatened, or Endangered Animals

Mike’s Herpetology Page

All you ever wanted to know about amphibians, reptiles, turtles, and crocodilians, plus an abundance of great images.

NJ’s Endangered and Threatened Wildlife

From the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife. Thorough information and images.

Plants National Database

Information about U.S. plants, including threatened and endangered ones.

Savage Earth from PBS

All about natural disasters.

Sea World Animal Information Database

In-depth information about sea life.

Volcanoes Online

Amazing information in a great format