Multicultural America

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America: Primary documents

R 973.04 Gal

Essays on approximately 150 culture groups of the U.S., from Acadians to Yupiats, covering their history, acculturation and assimilation, family and community dynamics, language and religion.

Makers of America (10 Vols). 1536-1970

R 973.04 Mak

v. 1. The firstcomers, 1536-1800.--v. 2. Builders of a new nation, 1801-1848.--v. 3. Seekers after freedom, 1849-1870.--v. 4. Seekers after wealth, 1871-1890.--v. 5. Natives and aliens, 1891-1903.--v. 6. The new immigrants, 1904-1913.--v. 7. Hyphenated Americans, 1914-1924.--v. 8. Children of the melting pot, 1925-1938.--v. 9. Refugees and victims, 1939-1954.--v. 10. Emergent minorities, 1955-1970.