Presidents of America

Historic Documents on the Presidency

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Comprises 74 important documents from the history of the presidency, tracing the development of the presidency as an institution and representing memorable and significant activities of individual presidents.

Presidential Documents: The speeches, proclamation and policies that have shaped the nation from Washington to Clinton

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Historians from the City College of New York select 37 documents, in full or excerpted, as of particular importance in the history of the US, and introduce each to put it into historical and political context. Among them are Washington's proclamations on the Whiskey Rebellion, Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, Wilson's plan to end World War I, F. D. R.'s first Fireside Chat, Kennedy's speech at the Berlin Wall, Nixon's resignation, and Clinton's denial of his White House affair.

Public Papers of the Presidents

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From 1991 forward.

Works of the Presidents

From the University of Northern Iowa