Primary Sources on the Internet

American Memory Collection

from The Library of Congress.

Avalon Project

historic, legal and diplomatic documents on the Web, organized by time period. From Yale University.

Digitized Primary American History Sources

a treasure trove of links to digitized resources. From the University of Northern Iowa.

History Matters

more digitized primary sources on the Internet. From the American Social History Project and Center for History and New Media

New Jersey Digital Collections

A collection of mixed digital resources, both primary and and guides to primary materials. From the New Jersey State Library

New Jersey Digital Highway

A collection of New Jersey primary source documents. From Rutgers University Libraries, The New Jersey State Library, The New Jersey Division of Archives and Records Managment, The New Jersey Historical Society, the American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark.

One Hundred Milestone Documents of American History

From the National Archives and Records Administration.

Primary Documents in American History

Organized by time period:
and 1860-1877. From the Library of Congress.

Using Primary Sources on the Web

An excellent guide to defining, finding, using, evaluating and citing digitized primary sources on the Internet. From the University of Washington Libraries