School Links and Rankings

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Click here for complete and up-to-date information on higher education in Canada. It includes links to Canadian colleges and universities.

College and University Rankings

If you feel that the rankings provided by various ranking services are both a useful and valid measure of an institution's effectiveness, use this site to identify the "top" colleges and universities by type.

U.S. News - Best College Rankings

This site, maintained as part of the online version of US News and World Report magazine, concentrates entirely on topics relating to education. In addition to providing a page of links pertinent to the college search, the page also contains an index to US News’ articles about education. It also features the Best Colleges page, their annual survey of the nation’s colleges and ranking.

A searchable database of colleges and universities nationwide.

Web U.S. Higher Education

This site, maintained by the University of Texas – Austin, provides links to accredited institutions of higher education. It is categorized by type of institution and can be displayed alphabetically, by state.