Black Americans: A history in their own words, 1619-1983

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A history of Black people in the United States, as told through letters, speeches, articles, eyewitness accounts, and other documents.

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African Americans

Slavery in America from Colonial Times to Civil War: An eyewitness history

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The history of the enslavement of African Americans in North America stretches from the beginning of European colonization and lasted until the end of the Civil War.

The Civil Rights Movement: An eyewitness history

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Uses speeches, articles, and other writings of those involved to trace the history of the civil right movement in the United States, primarily from 1954 to 1965.

The Struggle Against Slavery: A history in documents, Pages from History series

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From slave ships to plantations to freedom, The Struggle Against Slavery traces the remarkable history of the heroic fight to end slavery, from its North American beginnings in the early 1600s to its violent demise in the mid-1800s with the Civil War. Captured in their own words fromtranscripts, diaries, memoirs, newspaper clippings, drawings, and other documents are the stories of how slaves and free blacks fought against the dehumanization of slavery by developing anti-racist arguments, creating their own institutions, physically escaping, and fighting with weapons. Anexceptional social, political, and cultural history of the period, The Struggle Against Slavery is filled with stirring tales of survival and strength, bringing to life the African-American experience in early America.