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Annals of America, 21 volumes. 1493-1986

R 973 Ann

v. 1. 1493-1754: Discovering a new world.--v. 2. 1755-1783: Resistance and revolution.--v. 3. 1784-1796: Organizing the new Nation.--v. 4. 1797-1820: Domestic expansion and foreign entanglements.--v. 5. 1821-1832: Steps toward equalitarianism.--v. 6. 1833-1840: The challenge of a continent.--v. 7. 1841-1849: Manifest destiny.--v. 8. 1850-1857: A house dividing.--v. 9. 1858-1865: The crisis of the Union.--v. 10. 1866-1883: Reconstruction and industrialization.--v. 11. 1884-1894: Agrarianism and urbanization.--v. 12. 1895-1904: Populism, imperialism, and reform.--v. 13. 1905-1915: The progressive era.--v. 14. 1916-1928: World war and prosperity.--v. 15. 1929-1939: The great depression.--v. 16. 1940-1949: The Second World War and after.--v. 17. 1950-1960: Cold war in the nuclear age.--v. 18. 1961-1968: The burdens of world power.--v. 19. 1969-1973: Detente and domestic crisis.--[v. 20] Great issues in American life: a conspectus.

Chronicle of America (A New World B.C. through 1995)

R 973 Chr

This book documents the history of the American nation from the arrival of Asian tribes (40,000-8000 B.C.) to the April 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Digitized Primary American History Resources - General Sources

From the University of Northern Iowa **Excellent!**

Eyewitness to America: America as it happened by those who saw it

R 973.08 Eye

Thomas Jefferson complains about haggling over the Declaration of Independence ... Jack London guides us through the rubble of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake ... Langston Hughes visits the Scottsboro Boys on death row ... Andy Warhol paints the scene at Studio 54 ... John Seabrook receives e-mail from Bill Gates. Three hundred eyewitnesses -- some famous, some anonymous -- give their personal accounts of the great moments that make up our past, from Columbus to cyberspace, and infuse them with a freshness and urgency no historian can duplicate.