EBPL's First Look

EBPL's First Look program is a community service project by East Brunswick teens.

Teens get an exclusive look at young adult books before they are released for publication.  The books reviewed here have been read by teens and reviewed for the library.  

Check out these reviews to find your next favorite book!

For more information on how you can participate in the First Look program, please check out our Teen Volunteering page here.

The Wicker King

The Wicker King, by K. Ancrum, is a story about 2 good friends, August and Jack. One day, Jack starts to have hallucinations that are extremely vivid and real, and August, being the good friend that he is, believes in his fantasy world.
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Blood and Ink

Blood And Ink, by Stephen Davies, is about 2 teenagers, named Ali and Kadi. Their views on their society are complete opposite to one another, but due to certain events, they are now thrown together on a quest.
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Before picking up Spinning, by Tillie Walden, the only other graphic novel I had ever read was Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson.
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The Dickens Mirror

I had not expected much after picking up The Dickens Mirror, by Ilsa J. Bick, assuming that the sequel would be worse than the first book of the Dark Passages series.
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The Blade and The Bird

The Bird and the Blade by Megan Bannen is a very fictional historical fiction set in ancient Mongolia.
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The Last Boy and Girl in the World

"The Last Boy and Girl in the World," by Siobhan Vivian, is about a girl named Keeley and her quest for love.
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Running Full Tilt

Running Full Tilt, by Michael Currinder, is a story focused around a boy named Leo. Leo is a kid with family issues, and in order to escape from this, he decided to do running. Which then factored into the decision of him joining the cross country team in his new school. As the story goes on, Leo with make new friends, have a bit of romantic at school, while dealing with relations with his family at home.
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Picture Us in the Light

Picture Us in the Light, is a story of fiction that consists of 361 pages, and is written by Kelly Loy Gilbert, the same person that wrote Conviction. The story is about a boy named Danny Cheng, who just got a scholarship into a university through his artistic talents. With a clear path set on his future career on becoming an artist, things were looking up for him. However, as the story progresses, he will soon have to deal with problems with that of his friends, to uncover the dangerous secrets of his family.
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The Takedown

The Takedown by Corrie Wang is a captivating YA novel that combines the world of popularity in high school with advanced technology our world does not know yet.
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The Astonishing Color of After

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan is truly a journey for the reader.
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