Before She Ignites

All of them. Before She Ignites starts with the main character, Mira, sent to a lifetime prison. Already, we have so many questions, 'Why is she there? What did she do? Who is she? What happened?'. From little clues, we can tell that Mira is a celebrity politician, beloved by the public, which only serves to give us more questions.
Mira is a young teenager who's been raised to give speeches and be the mouthpiece of her government. She has a love for dragons and spends time with her best friend raising them and training them. But when she's sent to prison to thwart a plot against her nation, her own government sends her to jail. Going to jail, she sees the horrors of life beyond the perfect life she's led so far. She befriends other prisoners and plots for freedom. And don't forget how there are 7 islands which each worship different things-and have 7 different powers, for each 7 gods.
Mira herself is a very compassionate, fiery character. She proves time and time again how much of a big heart she has and repeatedly goes against others to protect what she treasures. 
As a reader, I was astonished at the depth Mira has as a character. She feels like a person, fighting against a corrupt government and only wanting her friends free and safe. Not only that, there's this mysterious power she has that doesn't belong to any of the 7 islands. I loved this book. It showed how Mira really discovered herself, beyond being a political mouthpiece. Dragons aren't that huge of a plot, but the way they're written it seems completely natural for them to be there.
As a whole, I'd give this 4.5/5 stars because there's so much action, but so little background story. I suppose since it's a trilogy the background information is in the next book or the book after, but it's a little overwhelming to have death-defying situation after situation, without really knowing what's going on.
Rating: 4.5/5
Review by Maggie L.
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