The story is marked with many brutal killings thanks to the girl who names the saga- Androma. Known as the Bloody Baroness, she rides with her crew, a group of three other girls, in their bounty hunting missions, constantly avoiding the law while leaving death and devastation in her wake. However, all is not well, for she and her loyal group are eventually caught up to- and given an offer she cannot refuse. Her job? Rescuing the son of the governor of one of the many space systems, who has been missing for years. The only problem here is that she must travel to the planet Xen Ptera, a world devastated by the war that occurred years before, and a massive bombardment. With this dangerous quest, she sets off, with a face familiar to her along for the ride. But what makes this story so great isn’t only the story, but also the characters- though some of them may be somewhat simple, they do fulfill the roles they are given admirably, and the main characters do have significant growth in deciding what is important to them. The story also contains a series of shocking plot twists, culminating in a dark finale. I’m looking forward to any future installments in this series, and am excited to see where it goes next.
 4.5/5 Stars

Review by: Lucas H.
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