Their relationship is bad because of Cupid Aaryn. Aaryn became a human and is now on a mission to fix what he did. Aaryn now complicates things with Karma.

      However, dreams were destroyed and Aaryn’s arrows don’t work. Karma still doesn’t give up with Danny. Cupid Aaryn made one mistake and messes up Karma’s teenage mom’s life. There are a lot of struggles for Karma taking care of her baby and trying to get Danny’s help even though he keeps staying selfish.

      This is a boring book because it switches back and forth between characters. There isn’t much change in Danny and Karma’s relationship that interesting. The good part about this book is that there is a Cupid from another place that tries to fix the situation he created. I give this book a rating of ?.

Review by Meghana S.
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