No Saints in Kansas

I did not like the book at all. The characters were unlikeable and a lot of odd stuff was thrown in, such as a useless meeting with John F. Kennedy and Truman Capote. The book is a retelling off In Cold Blood, so you may want to read that before reading this, but I see no reason as to why you would want to read this book.
Review by Adam A.

                No Saints in Kansas by Amy Brashear will throw you for a loop. The picture perfect family, the Clutters, are brutally murdered in their small, quiet town in Kansas. People believe it’s Nancy Clutter’s boyfriend, Bobby, since he was the last to see them. The main character, Carly Fleming, used to tutor Nancy and she is determined to clear Bobby’s name. In attempts to do this, she investigates the murders and earns the nickname “Nancy Drew.” During her investigation, she finds clues, getting herself in trouble along the way, having readers constantly wonder “who dunnit.” When the killers are finally found, Carly’s father, a defense attorney, has been asked to defend one of them in court, causing the Fleming family to be tormented by the town. This really puts them to the test, along with the people in town. Throughout the book, readers can see clearly see the relationships Carly has and the changes that occur. I feel that this is what makes the book even more interesting, along with Carly’s personal investigation of course, because it feels more personal and it makes it easier to connect and feel for the main character. Overall the book was thrilling and always had me on the edge of my seat, but the ending of the book was a little disappointing which is why I give this book a 3.5/5.
Review by:
Derna J.
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