The 57 Bus

The book started at a slow pace and was a little boring at first, but it started gaining momentum at about page 100 or so. The story also taught that there are always two sides to one story. In it, a teenager named Richard sets another teenagers' skirt on fire. But rather than portraying Richard as a criminal and a horrible person, the author gives light to how much remorse he had for the crime and how he used to be a troubled student and was cleaning up his act. The book is based on a true story.

Review by Adam A.

   The 57 Bus is a non-fiction book about a seemingly hate-driven crime in the Bay Area of San Francisco in 2013. First we are introduced to our main character Sasha, a teenager,and their background. It is told to us that Sasha is non-binary, meaning they do not conform/fit-in to neither male nor female gender, and lives agender, in a way. She also attends a small private school in the BayThe first main section of the book is dedicated to her background as a character. The next section is dedicated to our other main character Richard. Richard is an African-American teenager who goes to a regular public school. Both live in Oakland. Both background sections of the characters culminate when they encounter each other on the 57 Bus in Oakland. Late at night Sasha was asleep on the bus while Richard and his friends were messing around on the bus; Richard ends up flicking a lighter on Sasha’s skirt and gives her sever burns on her leg. The book is not quick to judge Richard though, as it gives us his backstory which is riddled with violence; before he was a teenager, two of his aunts were killed, earlier in the year, his best friend had been shot and killed, and a week before this incident, he was robbed at gunpoint. The book gives room for compassion for Richard but does not really forgive him for what he has done, which is a nice touch. I give the book a 4 / 5, as it does a great job with telling its story, but it just doesn’t hit personal marks for me.
Review by Justin S.

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