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What I Leave Behind

His main problem being that his father committed suicide some time before the book takes place. This affects Will deeply as he then adopts some of his father’s traits, namely the sayings that are trademark to him, some mannerisms, and attempting to replicate his father’s signature recipe for cornbread, the latter being talked about throughout the book. The characterization for Will as a teenager seems just too on-the-nose for my personal taste, and his personality, other than his trauma, doesn’t seem too developed other than “he’s a good person”. I wish he just got more fleshed out so I can like him more. But even though his characterization seems limited, his actions and feelings in about the middle to the end of the book are quite heartwarming, and not to spoil anything, goes on a sort of spree to do good to everyone he knows, because he feels responsible for horrible actions that took place against one of his good friends. Overall I give the book a 3.5/5, I just wish it could’ve been fleshed out some more.  
Review by Justin S.
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