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Six-year-old  Moss feels lonely with only Pa, his stories and his books to keep her company. Although Pa works on the Experiment to bring the water levels down, there’s no sign of the outside world. Until one day, two spirits wash ashore.  One of them is Callan, a young boy. Now fourteen, Moss and Cal begin to wonder if what Pa told them was really the truth, or if they were all just stories. After the arrival of an unexpected storm, all of Moss’s world is thrown into doubt.
The language used by Lucy Christopher in her novel Storm-Wake is captivating and immersive from the first page. The words Cristopher chose in each Act of the book make it easy to visualize the characters as they grow throughout the story. Not only that, but it is effective at swaying the reader’s opinion the way she wants them to.
Set in a world inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, this coming of age story illustrates what it is to  make the right decision, regardless of the cost. The tension can soon be felt like the thick scent of Stormflowers in the air. As a standalone, this book is able to pack a punch from  Act 1 to Act 5; from the gripping introduction to the beautiful finale.
Rating: 5/5 Stars

Review by Sofia S.
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