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One night, Alex sneaks out of his home, only to be lured into the magical apartment of a witch. His only way to survive is through quenching her thirst for scary stories by reading his own to her. Will his supply of stories last long enough for him to find a way to escape? Or will he succumb to the horrible fate awaiting him once he runs out?
     I found this story to be quite interesting, as it intrigued me until the end. However, it seems to be suited more for middle school students, rather than students in high school and beyond. The language was simple, as well as the character development. Those in high school may find it to be dull at times because of the lack of tension and build up of plot. So while Nightbooks by J.A. White was a good story, I would recommend it to those in or approaching middle school.
Rating: 4.5/5
Review by Jasmine L.
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